Asi Wind Lecture

July 25 / 7:30 PM

NYC based Corporate Mentalist Asi Wind is one of magic's most influential thinkers and performers. Magicians all over the world study and perform his creations.

In his lecture, Asi will teach effects ranging from self-working to more difficult effects. His worldwide success as a creator of magic is unmatched and when you watch this modern master in action, you will see why. While the props he uses are ordinary, the magic and acclaim that he wrings from them is anything but. There is a reason why David Blaine selected Asi as one of his primary consultants and further cemented his position by choosing Asi to perform in his show. Do yourself a favor and attend his lecture and learn from one of this era's best and brightest performers.

July 25 / 7:30 PM


Smoke & Mirrors Magic Theater
2840 Pine Road
Pine Valley Plaza
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006
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