Harrison Greenbaum Lecture

March 3rd @ 1:00 PM

Educational Lecture for Magicians.

Harrison Greenbaum has been described by Time Out NY & the NY Daily News as "the hardest-working man in comedy" and that's because he does more than 600 shows a year.  That means he's doesn't just have a ton of experience, but that he's also very, very tired.

Based on his popular column for Genii Magazine, "You Are All Terrible," Harrison is going to take all the lessons he learned as a stand-up comedian and show how their application will not just make you funnier but a better performer and artist overall.

Learn the 3 simple rules that will make every joke you write funnier, discover why the way you're creating magic is completely backwards (and how reversing that leads to discovering the creative and original ideas you've been craving), and master the single formula stand-up comedians already know for crafting a completely bulletproof set or routine!  

You'll laugh a lot, you'll learn a lot, and you'll probably do a third thing!  (Bonus: you'll finally find out the origin of "the Rule of 3" and how to maximize its use!)  

See why the NY Times called Harrison "a favorite star on the comedy scene" and why his mom says he's "her favorite [and only] son."  Highly recommended!

March 3rd @ 1:00 PM


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