Darwin Ortiz

Apr 26 @ 8:00 PM    Ages 13+     BYOB for 21+
Apr 27 @ 8:00 PM    Ages 13+     BYOB for 21+

Darwin Ortiz is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading sleight-of-hand performers with cards. His clients have included the Pentagon, both the Barack Obama and George W. Bush Presidential Inaugural Banquets, England’s prestigious Eton College, and numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Darwin has worked as a consultant on cheating prevention and detection for gambling casinos and government regulatory agencies in fifteen countries and has testified as an expert witness in casino cheating cases.

Darwin’s book Gambling Scams has been widely hailed as the definitive work on crooked gambling methods. He is also the author of Darwin Ortiz on Casino Gambling, and was technical consultant on Playboy’s Treasury of Gambling.

Darwin has appeared on shows on NBC, CBS, HBO, CNN, CNBC, A&E, The Learning Channel, and both America’s Most Wanted and Britain’s Most Wanted (as an expert on card cheating—not as a fugitive). He has also been featured on national TV in France and Argentina and BBC-TV in England.



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