Michael Vincent


Nov  9   @ 7:30 PM
Nov  10 @ 8:00 PM


Age Limit 13 +                     BYOB Show for ages 21 +


There are very few magicians who posses the magical combination of superlative sleight of hand and great theatrical presentation, Michael Vincent is one of the chosen few.

Over the last twenty years, Michael has earned the enviable reputation of being among the top elite of magicians and sleight of hand artist in the world.

His sublime magic has been featured at numerous venues around the world for top corporations and international celebrities. He  would be the first to admit that great technique counts for nothing if it not supported by a meaningful presentation. I believe that great sleight of hand magic combined with a good plot and presentation can make all the difference between the audiences acknowledging that they have experienced something extraordinary.

From being a small boy growing up in the UK watching David Nixon on TV, to entertaining Hollywood stars at The Magic Castle in California, Michael has come a very long way. His dream was simple: to become the very best at his chosen craft, and bring world-class magic within the reach of everyone.  Now the high standards that he set for himself, has audiences catching their breath. They see it, but they don't believe it.

Never ridiculing or humiliating, Michael treats his audience with the utmost courtesy and respect. Once using magic as a means to overcome his own shyness, Michael now utilises his art to draw his audience into a world of wonder and enchantment. His skill at breaking the ice at functions, making people relax and interact, a good time is had by all.

"I'm lucky to have the greatest job in the world" says Michael. "In return for the warmth that people generate towards me, as I watch them bond with 'the moment' and each other, I get to give every one of them a happy memory to treasure for the rest of their lives. They 'touch' me with their applause, and I 'touch' them with my art.

Nov  9   @ 7:30 PM
Nov  10 @ 8:00 PM


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