Stevie Starr ♦ The Professional Regurgitator

November 1st   @ 8:00 PM  Ages 13 +  BYOB 21 +
November 2nd @ 6:00 PM  Ages 13 +  BYOB 21 +


He is the only performer in the world who has made the finals of every Got Talent! Show he has appeared on, and he just won the finals in the recent Germany’s Got Talent!

Stevie Starr (also known as "the Professional Regurgitator") is a Scottish performance artist known for being a professional regurgitator. In his act, he swallows various items, such as coins, lightbulbs, balloons, nails, billiard balls, dry sugar, lighter fluid and goldfish, and then regurgitates them. He has never described exactly how this is done, and the implausibility of some of his regurgitations have led some to believe that he is an illusionist. Starr has a busy international touring schedule for his longer solo act.




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