Alyx Hilshey♦ The Street is my Theater (... in a Theatre)

Nov 12 @ 7:00 PM  Ages 13 +  BYOB 21 +

Alyx will also do the same day 1 PM Family Show

The Street Is My Theater - Poster-01

For over 11 years, Alyx has traveled the East Coast performing for tens of thousands of people in more than a thousand shows. Her most recent street accolades come from Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Gary Moss (the original Joan Jett and the Blackhearts bassist), who said, “You are a truly bada** street hustler, and I mean that in the nicest way.” Though not at all a hustler, she considered it a stout compliment coming from a Blackheart.

Now, Alyx brings an authentic street theater experience to the stage. But don't expect a raw street show under a roof. This show is so much more. She's studied elite sleight of hand with experts from around the country, she's developed her own techniques that have fooled top magicians, and she has ramped the entertainment value to the max under direction from among the best variety performers and directors. Incredible moments created with nothing but common objects, a delightfully likable sense of humor, and strong rapport with her audience -- this is Alyx. No sleeves. No camera tricks. Just pure fun, laughs, and the sensation of wonder."


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