The Owners

Danny Archer is a full-time pro from Philly who has performed in over thirty-five countries around the world and forty-nine of the fifty states. He has lectured and performed at just about every major magic convention in the US. He is also the producer of the MINDvention mentalism convention.  His sleight of hand skills and performing abilities have been honed through thousands of performances for all kinds of audiences. His performing character, Gino Mozzarella is a favorite of magic fans everywhere. 



Marty Martin began his lifelong interest in Magic around age eleven, by age fourteen he was working on the weekends in a Magic Shop as well as pitching Magic at Steel Pier in Atlantic City. From ages fifteen through eighteen he managed the Magic Fun Shop in King of Prussia Plaza in Penna.

At age nineteen, Marty was drafted into the Army and went to Vietnam with the 25th Infantry. Magic kept him alive, since once they found out about his talent they had him open for touring acts like; Bob Hope, Nancy Sinatra, and the Gold Diggers. Towards the end of his tour, Marty was part of a Command Touring Group called the Magic Conspiracy, that performed at outposts in Vietnam that the USO shows wouldn’t go to because it was too dangerous..

Once home from Vietnam, he opened the Philadelphia Magic Company along with Larry Taylor. Larry and Marty were also the House Magicians for the High Rollers at Caesars Palace in Atlantic City for more than six years.

They ran this very successful shop for fifteen years until Larry moved to Florida and a new venture called Corporate Entertainment was established along with Danny Archer.

Their specialty was sales meetings and trade shows. Just a few of their clients; Apple Computer, OPEX Corporation, PerkinElmer Scientific, OHaus Scientific, Mettler Instrument and many others.

Marty also created the first Fashion and Magic show along with Mowana, who had a line of clothing and lingerie. He was lucky to work with her since she was backed by Broadway producer George Abbott who also helped produce our Fashion and Magic Show.

Marty also performed at Magic Conventions around the country along with selling over twenty original magic tricks that continue to sell to this day. Marty’s skill and formidable knowledge of magic has made him one of the most well known and respected people in the magic community and he is responsible for launching the magic careers of hundreds of performers.