John Graham - Lecture

Jul 28th @ 1:00 PM   $25

Who is John Graham?

John Graham is one of America’s busiest working professional magicians. He averages 200 performances a year for corporate, resort, and other audiences. This background of working for
real people in the real world necessitates that his magic is not only clever and amazing, but also thoughtful, practical, and most of all fun!

In the magic world, he loves the lecture format, but rarely has the opportunity to engage this way with his fellow magicians because of his busy performing schedule. Though he feels strongly about giving back and contributing to the magic community, as such, he is the author of Stage by Stage, Encore, Magic Between Friends (with Asi Wind), and the forthcoming Afterglow. These books have received praise from David Blaine, Mac King, Steven Frayne, Jim
Steinmeyer, Jamy Ian Swiss, Darwin Ortiz, and Jeff McBride.

What he will cover:
FINAL SALE EXTENDED: A powerful opening effect for any size audience that immediately gets to the magic. Including the latest developments that take this workhorse to the next level.

THE EXAMINER SPECIAL EDITION: A new look at the torn and restored newspaper. Originally marketed with Paul Harris Presents. An ordinary newspaper is torn, restored, and examined. Best of all, the setup takes less than one minute, with no glue, wires, or magnets.

NOW & LATER: The lasso card trick, with no magnets! Give away the card on the rope at the end.

NAME-DROPPER: A killer. Cause a spectator’s chosen name to appear spelled out across the backs of playing cards. Easy and instantly repeatable. 

AFTERGLOW: A 20-minute structured close-up card act that begins with a shuffled deck in use and transitions into tricks that previously required you to be set up in advance. Including “The Play It Straight Prequel” and new (practical and effective) versions of classics. Afterglow will change the way you look at your card magic.

This is not a “dealer demo.” John gives you all the details and information you need to add these effects to your repertoire.
The real gold in this lecture lies in the moments in between the tricks. Real-world information on transitioning from close-up to stage, and planning, performing, and perfecting your show.