Mysterion ♦ Doctor of Mentalism

Mar 23 @ 7:00 PM  Ages 13 +  BYOB 21 +

Mysterion will also do the Family Show on 3/23

In the world of 5 senses we are limited to what we know, perhaps there is a way to go beyond and into the world of a 6th. Mysterion the mind reader has been stunning audiences for over 2 decades live and on network television and now it’s your turn to witness the Doctor of mentalism live. 
Filled with uncanny experiences, this show makes you the star of the show. Witness the impossible as Mysterion is able to get into your thoughts and even reverse the ability to you. Meet “Walt” one of the world most infamous haunted dolls and see what happens on stage when you believe in “ghosts”. A full hour of mind magic laced with comedy and sometimes dark humour that leaves even the skeptics impressed. 
As seen on multiple network television shows and with over 100 million views on TikTok, Mysterion is one of the most interesting and intriguing acts in the world of mentalism.
One night only, order your tickets today.