Stuart MacDonald ♦ as Richard Preston


Feb 12 @ 7:00 PM  Ages 13 +  BYOB 21 +


Stuart MacDonald is an international star of magic.

He's the current international champion of magic, winner of Penn and Teller Fool Us TV show and will be representing the USA in the world championships of magic in Quebec in 2022. This winter he is one of the stars of the hit TV Show Masters of Illusion on the CW and there is talk about a documentary about Stuart's rise in magic over the past few years. Stuart's new character "Richard Preston," the world's greatest magician who ever lived, has also taken off like a rocket. His new character is ALSO featured on Masters of Illusion TV show, so Stuart will be on as himself and Richard Preston. That's NEVER HAPPENED. The rise of Richard Preston has baffled no one. It's a character born out of the Pandemic and was a sensation on Zoom. Now Stuart's looking forward to taking his character off the TV screen and getting Richard in front of live audiences.


Richard Preston is a wonderful character right out of 1962. He was so important to the world that the government had him cryogenically frozen to be the first entertainer on Mars in 2062. World events have recently changed all that. Richard's new mission is to bring the world back together by performing his powerfully entertaining magic show. The only problem is, Richard still has trouble with his time table! He still thinks like he did in 1962! That's the charm of the show that makes for great fun. Richard tells corny jokes your dad would have told you but his rapid fire of them make it a side splitting evening of laughter. When it comes to magic. Richard (Stuart MacDonald) is the best or should we say was the best of his generation. You'll see miracles that will baffle you and entertain you just like Richard did for the rich and famous in the 50's and 60's. Stuart's character, Richard Preston is going to rock your time table and your mind with magic and laughter.



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