Streaming Shows

Magic is different from any other of the performing arts. Why? Because it has to be seen live (or with a live audience watching)! If you watch magic on TV or a screen, you may feel as though the camera may have cut something out. Was there someone offscreen helping the performer? What did you miss that you might have seen if you were there?

At the Smoke & Mirrors Magic Theater, you experience the magic live and in person (or watch a show that was recorded live in front of an audience). So you are assured that what you are seeing is no done using camera tricks or secret assistants.

Magic has to been see properly to be appreciated, and in most theaters the audience has trouble seeing the top of the table (when a lot of the Magic takes place). We we designed our theater, have less than perfect seating, so we custom built our theater so every person can see perfectly. Over and over again, our audiences have commented that “there’s not a bad seat in the house.” Come see for yourself why we have hundreds of five star reviews!

The calendar of our magic events is here