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Family Magic Shows

April          28 @ 2:00 PM
April          29 @ 2:00 PM  SOLD OUT!!
May           12  @ 2:00 PM
May           26  @ 2:00 PM
June          16   @ 2:00 PM
June           23 @ 2:00 PM

Evening shows starring Doc Swan and Karl Koppertop in April are family friendly shows.


A laugh filled and amazing show of magic and comedy geared to audiences of all ages. Featuring a number of favorite performers like; Mike Miller, Danny Archer, Ari Paul, Tommy McDonnell, and many more. All shows in the one of a kind venue of the Smoke & Mirrors Magic Theater. Show runs for approx. 70 minutes.

April shows feature Danny Archer and Doc Swan.

All shows at 2 PM.

Gino Mozzarella

May 25  / 7:30 PM   ages 16+
May 26 / 8:00 PM   ages 16+

Jun 15  / 7:30 PM     ages 16+
Jun 16 / 8:00 PM     ages 16+







Gino’s act is part stand-up… part stick- em up.

Gino’s on the lam and Wanted for stealing the show! Raised on the mean streets of South Philly, Gino gave up his criminal ways, and now makes an honest dollar by thrilling audiences with his polished sleight of hand and his razor sharp wit.

You’ll die… laughing.

Look for one of Gino’s upcoming shows… before he starts looking for you!

Karl Koppertop

April 27 / 7:30 PM

Age Limit 13 +


"Magic On The Mind" is an interactive experience that combines unforgettable sleight of hand magic with incredible mental feats. The world renowned Karl Koppertop will blow everyone's mind with his original performances of thought reading, psychological influence, mental misdirection and impossible coincidences. You will see common objects like books, playing cards, dice and Rubik's Cubes from whole new perspectives as Karl bends your reality around them. Prepare to laugh, gasp and experience the impossible!


April Family Show

April 28 / 2:00 PM

Age Limit 5 +


April shows feature the comedy and magic of Danny Archer and Doc Swan.

A fun and amazing sixty minute show of magic and comedy geared to audiences of all ages. Featuring a number of favorite family entertainers like; Mike Miller, Danny Archer, Mystique, Ari Paul, Tommy McDonnell, and many more. All shows in the one of a kind venue of the Smoke & Mirrors Magic Theater.

All shows at 2 PM.

Doc Swan

April 28 / 8:00 PM  SOLD OUT!!

Years ago, Doc Swan once heard that the average person laughs eight times a day. To that he promptly replied, "I guess my audiences are above average". Fact, fiction and fabrication is what you will see when you witness the wackiness of "Doc Swan's Magical Comedy & Variety Acts".

A presentation of Laugh-A-Minute magic combined with old-time sideshow stunts utilizing the most unlikely props and equipment, making for a performance sure to be enjoyed - and remembered - by all who watch.


Opening for Doc will be the Magic Lawyer... Steve Leventhal.

Family Show with Karl Koppertop!

April 29 / 2:00 PM  SOLD OUT!!

One Day Only - One of America's top Family Entertainers will present his wonderful show. You will smile, laugh and be filled with wonder watching Karl Koppertop's one of a kind show.


Mark Zacharia

May 4 / 7:30 PM
May 5 / 8:00 PM

Age Limit 13 +

Mark Zacharia is an award-winning magician and hypnotist who performs at private, corporate and college events.  He also performs at theaters all throughout the country. A magician's magician, Mark is also a sought-after lecturer to other entertainers.  "ReMARKable" is Mark's latest one-man show that questions how much of what happens to us is Fate and how much is Free Will. You will find the answer reMARKable!

David Corsaro

May 11 / 7:30 PM
May 12 / 8:00 PM

Age Limit 13 &

David Corsaro has been a professional magician for over 25 years. David performs for all audiences, from the Museum of Natural History to our Armed Forces and their families.  He has performed his amazing feats of magic for fortune 500 companies including Wrigley's, Panasonic, Nestle, and Viacom as well as top music acts such as "Chicago," "Earth Wind and Fire," and "The Milwaukees." David also donates his talent for a variety of charitable organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity and Lions International.  You can catch David almost every Monday night at “Monday Night Magic”, NYC’s longest running off-Broadway magic show.

Jason Ladanye

May 18 / 7:30 PM
May 19 / 8:00 PM

Age Limit 14 +

This will be a night of magic and crooked gambling demonstrations that you’ll never forget. After seeing his show you’ll think twice about playing cards with someone you don’t know. Jason is a master of card magic and his show is both hysterical and incredible. Opening act will be Gino Mozzarella.

Gino Mozzarella

May 25 / 7:30 PM
May 26 / 8:00 PM

Age Limit 16 + 


Gino’s act is part stand-up… part stick- em up.

He’s on the lam and wanted world-wide for stealing the show! Raised on the mean streets of South Philly, Gino has given up his criminal ways and now makes an honest dollar by thrilling audiences with his world class sleight of hand and his razor sharp wit. In different parts of the world he’s known as the Mafia Magician, the Sicilian Sorcerer, or the Cosa Nostra conjurer, but no matter what you call him, you will be thrilled with his special blend of comedy and magic. Catch him if you can.

You'll Die... Laughing!


Jeff McBride

June 1 / 7:30 PM
June 2 / 7:00 PM

Age Limit 13 +


Jeff McBride, a three time award winner at the International Grand Prix of Magic in Monte Carlo, is widely recognized as a foremost innovator and most exciting performer in contemporary magic.


Naming him "Vegas' Best" Magician several years ago, the Las Vegas Review Journal wrote: "Light years ahead of the pack... McBride is easily the most exciting and mesmerizing magician I've seen in years." For several years, McBride headlined at Caesars Magical Empire in Las Vegas, where he was voted critics' choice as Best Magician in Las Vegas. He is also a three-time Guinness World Record holder and was named Magician of the Year by Hollywood's famed Magic Castle.

Love and Merger - Play

June 7   / 7.30 PM
June 8   / 7.30 PM
June 9   / 7.30 PM & 2.00 PM
June 10 / 2.00 PM

It's 1995 and the town of Regal, South Carolina is going bankrupt. The town grew up surrounding the Regal Typewriter Company and with the advent of the computer, nobody wants typewriters anymore. The town founder and owner of the Regal Typewriter Company, Colonel Beaumont, dies of old age and, having no heirs, leaves his entire estate to the town of Regal. We're saved!... Or are we?

This is the first play to be presented in the Bob Little black box theater. The producers, the Gypsy Stage Company, are an experienced theater group, and we are thrilled they have chosen our venue for their play. Written by Sapperstein and Murway

Jon Stetson

June 22 / 7:30 PM
June 23 / 8:00 PM

Age Limit 13 +

America's Master Mentalist. If you have seen the hit CBS television series, “The Mentalist,” not only was Jon a consultant on the show, the character of “The Mentalist” is partly based on himself.

Interjecting uproarious comedy into each program, Jon creates a hilarious and unique presentation that never fails to blow the audience away. Stetson blends the art of Mystery with the study of Psychology, the predictability of human nature and the power of intuition, with a disarming sense of humor. The result is slack jawed amazement, where the most skeptical of audience members begin to feel a renewed sense of wonder as impossibilities become realities.

Ladies Only Psychic Party with Jon Stetson

June 24 / 2:00 PM

Age Limit 13 +

“The Ladies Only Psychic Party” is a fun-filled experience where attendees Live, Love, Laugh, and Learn! You will be enthralled by new demonstrations of Jon’s unique brand of psychic entertainment. That is, however, just the beginning. Jon’s charismatic and lively demonstrations provide a rare opportunity to experience the fascinating phenomenon of an intuitive experience, which he delivers with his distinctive style of humor, intensity, and compassion. This has made Jon a much sought-after Speaker, Entertainer, Teacher, and Guide.

You will be empowered to understand and further develop your own intuitive skills. Participants will, indeed, amaze themselves and discover their unlimited potential.


Harrison Greenbaum

Jul 13 / 7.30 PM
Jul 14/ 8:00 PM

Age Limit 16 + Adult Language


“The hardest-working man in comedy” (Time Out NY) and “one of the most unique acts you’ll ever see” (am New York), Harrison is one of Comedy Central’s “Comics to Watch” and winner of the Andy Kaufman Award.

On television, Harrison has been featured on America’s Got Talent, Last Comic Standing, AXS.TV’s Gotham Comedy Live, and National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games.

Hysterically funny and amazing magic means you will be gasping for air by the end of his high energy, no holds barred show!

Keith Fields

July 20 / 7:30 PM
July 21 / 8:00 PM

Age Limit 13 +

Keith Fields is a world champion street entertainer who brings street style magic into the theater – fast moving, very fooling and hilariously funny! Classics of magic like the cut and restored rope and the cups and balls rub shoulders with modern masterpieces, and all of them have been given a unique twist to make them new and memorable. More than a magic show. More than a comedy show. This is an evening of laughter and amazement that no-one will forget!

Asi Wind Lecture

July 25 / 7:30PM

Asi Wind is without a doubt one of the most influental creators and performers of magic and mentalism. It's no wonder that he is the only magician who was hand-picked by David Blaine to perform in his show. In his lecture, Asi will share some of his devastating wonders. This is a must see lecture for anyone interested in becoming a better mentalist or magician.

Asi Wind

July 26 / 7:30 PM
July 27 / 7:30 PM

Age Limit 13 +

Magicians all over the world study and perform his creations. Recently he was presented with the Merlin Award for the most original show (previously given to Penn & Teller and David Copperfield). See for yourself why David Blaine selected Asi Wind to be his consultant and perform in his touring show.

You never know what to expect with this unpredictable performer, in one moment your personal belongings might vanish and reappear in the most unexpected place, in another, a members of your family might become part of the show as well. (Even if they're not attending. Even if they're at home. Even if they're in a different country.)

Every member of the audience becomes involved in one way or another, yet not a single volunteer is ever made to feel uncomfortable. Quite the opposite: Asi's relationship with his audience often proves to be the most magical element of his show, as he turns his volunteers into stars for the night.

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